We offer a range of different services within our personal training, semi-private sessions and intimate group classes. Our varied functional and dynamic training methods keep your body and mind challenged as well as keeping boredom at bay! A selection of our services are listed below.

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Suspension Training

A very versatile piece of kit. Using your own body weight the TRX helps you gain strength and balance. It challenges your core stability and is an ideal way to finish off your workout, providing dynamic stretching to improve your flexibility.

Studio Cycle

Interval training on the Keiser bikes using the RPM function to monitor speed, systematically shifting between gears ranging from 1-22. These bikes offer one of the most comfortable rides and an exceptional cardiovascular workout.


High Intensity Interval Training is designed to work you as hard as possible in short bursts with minumum recovery breaks. It will help increase your metabolism and your endurance capabilities, as well as building overall strength.

Strength & Conditioning

Increasing muscle mass is the best way to burn fat. We include this in all of our
sessions to get you the best results. We have various training systems and methods
that will consistently challenge your body and push you to your full potential.


More than just a roller! This advanced pilates inspired kit allows you to work upper and lower body, improving coordination, balance, flexibility, posture and agility.


Using dynamic moves, kettlebells cover almost every aspect of fitness – endurance,
strength balance and agility. We love it as you only need one piece of equipment!

Outdoor Training

Training outdoors is beneficial for various reasons and fortunately our studio is located just a one minute walk from the largest expanse of countryside in the city. If it’s sunny, getting your daily does of Vitamin D strengthens the immune system, and being within the natural environment has proven to stimulate the brain with the ever changing scenery. It will boost your mood and utilising different types of terrain provides challenges that cannot be simulated in the gym ensuring a varied workout. A hill sprint outside is unbelievably more challenging that running at an incline on a treadmill in the gym!