We offer a range of different services within our personal training, semi-private sessions and intimate group classes. Our varied functional and dynamic training methods keep your body and mind challenged as well as keeping boredom at bay!


There are so many principles that contribute towards fat loss and weight management – body size, composition, your gender, age, physical activity and nutritional habits. We provide each client with a complete package, not just an exercise programme, including an online coaching facility that is designed to help you with your nutritional goals, monitoring each part of the process to ensure maximum results.



Being pregnant doesn’t mean you cannot train. Our pre / post qualified instructors can help you through each stage of your pregnancy with a safe training programme which can prove highly beneficial for mother and baby, enhancing the pregnancy process. Training during  pregnancy can also improve the post-natal experience in both physical and physiological terms.


Physical fitness helps the rehabilitation process. We offer a physical screening to ensure each client is in good health before undertaking any training, establishing the client’s previous exercise history to identify strategies that will allow us to optimise a strategic approach to any future exercise programme. We’ve worked with clients who have had lower back pain, high blood pressure, obesity, sports injuries and many other afflictions and complications.



Core strength and muscle tone are an important element of a well rounded fitness regime. We focus on all elements of the core, incluindg those around your trunk and pelvis area – not just abdominals. Focusing on these elements is important to everyday life and is why a variety of different disciplines are utilised within our programming.


One of the most fundamental focuses to a successful training program is your nutrition plan. The food consumed has a huge impact on your daily routine, how you train, your sleep patterns and your mood. In order to gain the most out of any training program, your nutrition plan is a vital key to success.

Without a successful nutrition plan it is impossible to change the shape of your body, lose weight and start to see the desired results. It takes motivation, preparation and will power. You may be required to make certain lifestyle changes in order succeed in your new healthier regime but the end results will give you benefits that will instill in you a determination not to revert back to your old habits. This is a lifestyle change, NOT a diet.

Peach Physique is now offering a solution that can take training and eating habits to a whole new level. With one simple DNA test the information gathered will provide the basis for a fully bespoke nutrition and training program that is specific to you and only you. You will find out your true food intolerances, which most people normally second guess, the best type of training programme to suit your body type and, best of all, we help you implement these strategies to ensure success.