Pre/Post Natal Classes

Our pre/post qualified instructors can help you through each stage of your pregnancy with a safe training program that will prove highly beneficial for mother and baby, enhancing the pregnancy process to reduce aches, pains, and fatigue. It will also help with digesting your food and preventing gestational diabetes. Training during pregnancy can also improve the post natal experience in both physical and physiological terms.

Post Natal

One of the most important factors around post natal training is for new mums to understand that their bodies have been through an extraordinary process by delivering a new baby into the world. Most new mums have little information provided to them by the GP as to what is safe and what they should not do. Peach Physique prides itself on providing a first class service ensuring new mums become strong, fit and able to train in the most effective way. Most importantly every new mum is treated as an individual, with specific exercises being prescribed to ensure you get the safest and most enhanced program. Mums are always concerned about getting their ‘bodies back’ which we can help with by guiding you through the process of getting fit and strong again and, once this is achieved, the rest will follow.

Peachy Mothers Buggy Class (Post Pregnancy)

The Peachy Mothers sessions will start to get the body moving again, focusing on regaining good posture, learning how to regain abdominal strength, and retraining your pelvic floor so you can sneeze with ease again. We walk and don’t run, allowing your body to gradually adjust back in to exercise, but ensure we still always get a sweat on – pushing buggies up hills, speed walking, and using an elastic fantastic (resistance band) to strengthen all muscle groups. Join this ultimate buggy workout where we guarantee you will feel exhilarated by the end of the session, pushing for a fitter you, alongside other reenergised new mums.

Peach Physique Pilates

This class is ideal for postpartum mums. It focuses on pelvic stability and strength, activation of your deep core muscles (transverse abdominals) and posture, which is often comprised during pregnancy and after giving birth. Say goodbye to lower back pain, a common problem amongst new mums, by helping you to realign your body, eliminating pain and making you feel strong. The class is a small group so you will get the attention you deserve.

Peachy Mothers Personal Training

If you are unsure about group classes, or feel you may need a little extra help with reaching your goals, just get in touch – the first step in always the hardest, however specific programming can make a huge impact on how your body will quickly adapt to training and results can be seen a lot quicker.